The future of home insurance is knocking

Most homes are underinsured by $100K or more. Agents don’t have the modern tools they need to thrive. We believe the industry can do better.

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We are reimagining home insurance with a modern digital platform that empowers agents to better serve clients and build their businesses. 

The result: fully protected homes, and wildly successful agents.

Build a better insurance business with Ranger. 

As a Charter Agent, you will enjoy:


Compensation that reflects the value you deliver

Guaranteed income with a revolutionary incentive model that offers big rewards and equity ownership 


Dramatically less busywork

Simple yet powerful automation platform that unlocks more time for your clients 


Training and support to help you create your dream referral network

Master the real estate community to generate the best referrals, cross-sell and personalize with ease


Clear, realistic path to profitable Agency ownership

Holistic business training with an ultra-efficient platform to help you transition from individual producer to business owner

Supported by leading investors

Become an agent of change with Ranger.

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